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Gen. Michael Flynn was the first sacrificial lamb of the Trump administration. But behind the gory details of this scandal, there lies a question which nobody seems to be asking: how much of Gen. Flynn’s actions did President-elect Trump know about, and when?

Let us quickly recap the situation: at the end of December, President Obama put another layer of sanctions on Russia for its meddling in the US election – a charge that Russia denies, but for which there is as good corroborating evidence coming out of the US intelligence community as you can hope for. On the...

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Ten years ago mentioning Hitler and the Nazis in a political debate was considered hyperbolic and in poor taste. And rightly so. Today, it has become almost passé. No less than the President of the United States has accused the American intelligence agencies of behaving as if they were in Nazi Germany over “fake news leaks” in a tweet, for example.
And yet it seems that Mr Trump seems more determined than anybody to make comparisons to Nazi Germany apposite in the...

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Fortune favors the bold. That is one of the most reliable lessons to learn from history, and it is especially true in politics. The last few years have also shown this to be true with astonishing frequency.

Vladimir Putin’s forays into the Middle East and Ukraine – both highly risky endeavours which paid off in spades. Russia’s increasingly assertive propaganda war against the West: Europe has been destabilized more seriously than at any time since WW2, and in the US we have an incoming President of the United States who was almost a typecast product of this pr...

So what will Obama do about reports of alleged Russian hacking attempts to interfere in the US elections? In short, the most likely answer is that he will do nothing.

Of course, interference with the US election process would have been, at any other time in history, a cause for war. So any sitting US President must at least talk tough. But Obama does not have the time to mount anything like a measured response. And he is most likely to judge...

Our Shared Brexit Delusion

by Azeem Ibrahim
Saturday, December 17, 2016

Brexit has divided us. It has divided our government almost as much as it has divided our nation. Yet for all their differences, Britain’s political class do share one very important thing in common regarding Brexit: they are both peddling the fantasy that Britain is in control of its destiny. It is not.

Now to be sure, Britain’s politicians must do this. After all, that is what the people of Britain voted for in the referendum: to “take back control.” And of course, after decades of self-serving anti-EU propaganda premised on how Brussels was robbing us of o...

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