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Senior Fellow Hassan Abbas explores the politics of Syria including terrorist groups like ISIS

The decision of the US finally to punish Bashar al-Assad for the use of chemical weapons against civilians will turn out to be, no doubt, a catalyst for a new chapter in the Syrian conflict. Even though US officials repeatedly emphasised the missile strikes on the Shayrat airfield were a one-off punitive measure, the unprecedented move comes amid a set of turning points in different parts of Syria and in the way foreign actors operate there. It is against ...

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Hassan Hassan is a Contributor at the Center for Global Policy. He also is a resident Fellow at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy focusing on Syria and Iraq.

Hassan is the author, with Michael Weiss, of "ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror", a New York Times bestseller. He previously was an Associate Fellow at Chatham House’s Middle East and North Africa Program in London and a research associate at the Delma Institute in Abu Dhabi.

He is a columnist for The National in Abu Dhabi, where he previously worked as deputy opinion editor. Working in journalism and research since 2008, he focuses on Syria, Iraq, and the Gulf States, and studies Sunni and Shiite movements in the region. His writing has appeared in The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, and The New York Times, among others. He has also written for the European Council on Foreign Relations on the Gulf states.

Hassan received a Master of Arts in international relations from the University of Nottingham.
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Hassan Hassan
is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Policy