CGTN America’s Panel Discussion on ISIL and the Battle for Mosul featuring Kamran Bokhari, Director of Strategies and Programs

CGTN America‘s panel discussion led by Anand Naidoo in which Kamran Bokhari argues that #Iraq/#Syria as nation-states are dead. Center for Global Policy.

Majeed Gly, U.N. Chief Correspondent and a Columnist for the Rudaw Media Network; Ahmed Rushdi, a political analyst and foreign policy adviser to the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament and the director of the House of Iraqi Expertise Foundation; Kamran Bokhari, a senior fellow and the director of Political Affairs at the Center for Global Policy and Mazin Al-Eshaiker, chairman of the Injah Development Center, a Baghdad-based think tank discuss the situation in Iraq and the fight against ISIL.

Part 2/3


Part 3/3